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Wrist Brace (hot and cold therapy)

Wrist Brace (hot and cold therapy)

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These fantastic wrist braces have incorporated and integrated cooling and heating technology that helps to support around your entire wrist to offer you relief and protection when you need it most. It contours around your hand and wrist to offer you the best benefits of compression therapy with heat or cool, and allows you to move around freely while using it. 

These can be used in both the left or right wrist, and has proven successful to treat issues in the hand and wrist from such as sprain, strain, bruises, muscle pain, arthritis, tendinitis, swelling, trigger finger, carpel tunnel, recovery injuries and surgery, as well as things such as laxity of wrist joints from hyper-mobility and conditions such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - working for acute and chronic conditions. 

With the Comfpac wrist brace and the enhanced strapping system, you can wear it day or night to help protect your wrist while sleeping or while carrying out any of your daily activities. It has been designed to adjust to fit wrist circumferences up to 9” diameter  


Comfortable, easy to wear, and effective pain relief!  


Material: Neoprene, ice packs  



Package includes: 1x Wrist Brace 

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