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Waterproof Shower Stoma Cover

Waterproof Shower Stoma Cover

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Keep your ostomy dry when you shower with this fantastic waterproof shower ostomy cover. This ostomy cover will fit over your ostomy bag and wafer to keep everything tucked neatly under the hood to allow you to finally shower while keeping things dry.

Designed with a soft elastic adjustable belt, easy buckle fixed strap and a built in silicone sealing ring. You will be able to protect your skin and keep your appliance from becoming wet around the adhesive. 

This has been designed with ease and functionality in mind. The strap is completely detachable from the unit, with easy fasten buckles on both sides, and a strap that has been designed for wide size ranges. 



Material: Silicone 

Size: 12cm (inner diameter) x 13cm (outer diameter)

Weight: 85 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Shower Cap + 1x Belt 


How to use:

1. Empty the contents of your ostomy before showering and then fold the tail of your ostomy bag up into the circle of your base plate for compact size. 

2. Fasten one side of the waistband to the shower cover and adjust to fit until you have a comfortable but snug fit of the cap against your skin.

3. Place the cap over your stoma site and ensure that you have the wafer included inside of the stoma cap if this is possible, or as close to contained as possible. 

4. Attach and fasten the other side of your waist belt to the cap. Ensure you have a snug comfortable seal. 

5. To further gaurentee the seal, you can release any of the excess air that is under the cap to help create a light suction around the skin, and you’re good to go! 

6. Once you have showered, dry your skin off and wipe the cap down before removing it. Once removed wipe any drips that may be around it, then remove belt. Rinse the belt and cap to hang or towel dry until you’re ready to use it again next time! 

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