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Carbonation Keeper Drink Lid

Carbonation Keeper Drink Lid

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Introducing the Fizz Keeper lid. This fizzy drink keeper lid provides a savvy solution to extend your carbonated drink's freshness for up to seven days. It fits a range of bottle sizes, from 350ml to 2.2 litres.

How does it work?
The secret behind its effectiveness lies in injecting gas, creating the air pressure needed to retain carbon dioxide and preserve the soda's taste. While it won't revive an expired fizzy drink, it's your go-to solution for preventing bubbles from escaping the moment you crack open a new bottle. Say hello to longer-lasting, deliciously fizzy drinks with the Fizz Keeper!

Bonus? With a date dial design, you can easily track storage time, ensuring you enjoy your beverages at their peak freshness. Using the Fizz Keeper is a breeze – simply replace the standard bottle cap, pump it a few times (typically 8 to 20 pumps), and your drink is sealed and ready to stay bubbly.

Elevate your drink experience with the Fizz Keeper! 


Material: ABS plastic, silicone 

Size: 4.7cm (H) x 4.3cm (diameter) 

Weight: 15 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Carbonation Keeper Lid 

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