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Touch Screen Drawing Glove

Touch Screen Drawing Glove

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Are you an artist? A writer? These drawing gloves may help take the frustration out of ink smudges and accidental screen touches when you haven’t intended it. By wearing the glove, you’ll block your fingers from being able to tap changes on the screen, also giving your hand the ability to rest against the screen if it is needed and gives your hand a bit more stability to do the things that you want.

It will also prevent any friction, and allow for easier and smoother work surface, as well as absorb sweat. Which means leaving no oily fingerprints, and so on!

These gloves are make with elastic Lycra, so will fit nearly all hand sizes, and can be used for both the left or the right hand. The glove is also breathable and comfortable to wear for stretches and periods of time.



Material: 100% Lycra 

Size: 17cm (L) x 0.7cm (W) x 9cm (H)

Weight: 8 grams. 

Package includes:  1x Artist Drawing Glove

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