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Thumb Support Brace

Thumb Support Brace

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This wrist and thumb support brace provides gentle compression to your wrist and thumb joint and can offer relief and support to tired, sore + weary hands. This is a great brace for those who are heavily using their hands each day with computer work and house hold chores — use it standalone, or as a liner for wrist brace to add an extra layer of comfort and protection.

Made of a thin flexible and adjustable fabric, it is breathable, will help to wick sweat, and has quick dry technology, and will reduce friction if used as a liner.

This brace will fit both the left of right wrist, meaning you only need on wrist brace to benefit both wrists. 

This glove can be used for the following ailments: 

— Arthritis

— Carpel Tubnel Syndrome 

— Tenosynovitis

— Muscle spasms and cramps 

— Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

— Wrist and thumb compression and support 

— Injuries, subluxations and dislocations 

— Muscle inflammation, pain, and fatigue 

— Sports protection and treating sport injuries 

— Feedback to the brain for sensory input/information

— As a liner for another wrist brace you are wearing    

The gentle compression of these offers support and relief for wrist pain, fatigue and supports hand use.  


Material:  67% nylon , 33% spandex 

SizePlease see details below… 

Small: Fits wrist circumference 14cm-17cm.

Medium: Fits wrist circumference 17cm-21cm.

Weight: 15 grams each 

Package includes: 1x Thumb Support Brace 



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