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Mobility Aid — Telescopic LED Folding Cane

Mobility Aid — Telescopic LED Folding Cane

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The walking stick has been designed with all of the features that you may want in a single walking stick!
Made with aluminium & ABS plastic, this walking stick is a good quality, easy to use, stable and supportive walking stick with its 4-feet stand alone base 360° rotated base with anti skid is fit for types of walking paths. With its LED light to light your path, it’s alarm to keep you feeling safe and secure, it’s additional fold up handle to make getting up easier, AND it’s 5 levels of adjustment at the click of a button — this stick is made for ease + convenience at it’s finest!
Ideal for: travel, compact and can fit into a backpack, and is ideal for frequently or for occasional use. Use a single forearm crutch, or two to use both at one time.  Can be used by the young or old, for an injury, chronic health or disability that impacts your mobility access. 


Material: Aluminum Alloy, PVC

Size: 52cm — 110cm 


Package Contains: 1x Telescopic Cane with LED light

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