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Sticker — GPS Alarm Enabled Warning.

Sticker — GPS Alarm Enabled Warning.

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These GPS Alarm Enabled Vehicle Warning Stickers are designed to deter theft by informing potential thieves that the vehicle is equipped with a GPS mobile tracking unit. The stickers are prominently displayed and clearly state that the vehicle's coordinates are tracked, and if theft occurs, the vehicle owner and law enforcement will be notified immediately.

Key Benefits

➡️ Theft Deterrence: The clear warning message can deter potential thieves from attempting to steal the vehicle, knowing it is tracked.

➡️ Peace of Mind: Vehicle owners can have peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is protected and monitored.

➡️ Quick Recovery: In the event of theft, the GPS tracking allows for quick recovery of the vehicle by providing real-time location updates to the owner and law enforcement.

➡️ Visible Warning: The bright red colour and bold text ensure that the warning is easily visible, making it effective in preventing theft.

➡️ Durability: Made from high-quality materials, these stickers are durable and weather-resistant, suitable for long-term outdoor use.

➡️ Ideal for: use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, or any vehicle equipped with a GPS tracking system.

How to use: Simply peel and stick the warning labels on windows or other visible areas of the vehicle.

Image Description: Two identical rectangular warning stickers, each with a bright red background and white text. The top section of each sticker features a bold "WARNING" label, flanked by a warning triangle icon with an exclamation mark. Below this, the text reads: "This vehicle is equipped with a GPS mobile tracking unit. If theft occurs, the vehicle owner and law enforcement will be notified. This vehicle's coordinates are tracked." The lower section of the sticker states "GPS ALARM ENABLED" in large, bold letters. To the right, an icon depicts a satellite communicating with Earth, symbolizing GPS tracking. The stickers are designed for easy visibility and maximum deterrence.



Material: Adhesive Sticker 

Size: 10cm (L) x 5cm (W) 

Weight: Less than 10 grams 

Package Contains: Set of 2x GPS Enables Stickers

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