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Splash Quilting

Designer Slinky Snakes

Designer Slinky Snakes

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Slinky friends are designed and hand made in New Zealand by a local artist. Each slinky friend has its own unique and fun face and body pattern. No one else’s slinky friend will be quite like yours! 

Slinky Friends are made with wire running down the entire length of its body, which means that you can wrap and position slinky friends in a range of places, and positions. Wrap slinky friends around your pen, a bag strap, a thin pole, or position them hanging from the tree, or proudly holding their heads up high! 

These slinky friends make a great gift for you or a loved one, are great stocking fillers, and can provide hours or entertainment and imaginative play for kids! 

Collect one, or collect them all — but don’t miss out! 

Note: Every slinky friends is unique and one of a kind. 



Material: Mixed Materials 

Size25cm (H) x 2cm (W) x 2cm (D) 

Weight: 15 grams

Package includes: 1x Slinky Friend  

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