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Silicone Straw Tips

Silicone Straw Tips

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These Silicone Straw Tips are designed to enhance your drinking experience by providing a comfortable and safe alternative to hard metal straws. Made from 100% silicone, these tips eliminate the risk of the straw hurting, burning, or freezing your lips. They also protect your teeth and make drinking from a straw more enjoyable.

Key Benefits:

➡️ Comfortable Use: The soft silicone tips ensure a comfortable drinking experience, preventing any discomfort from hard metal straws.

➡️ Lips and Teeth Protection: Protects your lips from extreme temperatures and your teeth from potential damage caused by hard straws.

➡️ Safe Material: Made from 100% silicone, these tips are safe, non-toxic, and free from any harmful chemicals.

➡️ Reusable and Durable: Designed for long-term use, these silicone tips are both reusable and durable, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

➡️ Heat and Cold Resistant: Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, making them suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

➡️ Eco-Friendly: Reusable silicone tips help reduce the use of disposable straws, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

➡️ Enhanced Drinking Experience: Prevents any metallic taste from transferring to your drink, ensuring a pure and pleasant taste.

➡️ Colourful and Fun: Adds a pop of colour to your metal or glass straw, making it more fun and visually appealing.

Great for

➡️ Everyday Use: Perfect for daily use with your favourite beverages, both hot and cold.

➡️ Travel: Easy to carry and use on the go, making it a great accessory for travel.

➡️ Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Ideal for those looking to reduce their environmental impact by using reusable straws and tips.

Image Description: A straight silicone tip that can be added onto the end of any metal or glass straw, they are shown in the colour light blue and light pink. 


Material: Silicone 

Size: 4cm length x 1.2cm diameter 

Weight: Less than 1 gram 

Package includes: 1x silicone straw tip for your straw

How to use: To use, simply slide the wider side of the silicone tip over the end of your metal or glass straw. 

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