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Self Heating Shoulder Support

Self Heating Shoulder Support

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A self heating dual shoulder brace to support to help ease aches, pains, muscles spasms and cramping around your shoulders, shoulder blades, upper back, and support a better overall posture. Inside this brace are special magnets that use your own natural body heat to generate gentle heat and offers a safe and natural remedy to help ease your discomforts. The magnets will also help increase blood flow to the area. 

This brace is light weight and compact to both carry, travel with and wear. It is portable and adjustable, and once it is set up after the first time receiving it (see below for further instructions) is as easy to slip on and off as you need, just as you might do a cardigan. This brace supports good shoulder and back posture with proprioceptive feedback for staying in a good alignment and holding good posture which can help with core strength, and overall back and shoulder discomfort. The gentle heat also aids sore shoulder joints, shoulder blade + upper spine pain in the cold.

Note: This brace comes in 4 sizes: S, M, L and XL. 



Material: Warming Cloth, Velcro 

Size: 4 sizes are available for overall shoulder width:

Small: 36cm — 40cm (45kg — 60kg) 

Medium: 40cm — 45cm (60kg — 72.5kg) 

Large: 45cm — 50cm (72.5kg — 87.5kg) 

X Large: 50cm — 55cm (87.5kg — 100kg)

Weight: 70 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Self Heating Shoulder Brace 


To use it for the first time: 

Note: You may benefit from the help of a friend or support person the first time you put this on as a extra set of hands to help (helpful but not essential). But once it’s set for your needs, you’ll be good to go. 

1. Undo all of the Velcro and lay it out flat. 

2. Place the shoulder brace over both your shoulders (as you would a shrug), and adjust to suit for comfort.

3. Have the other person do the velcro up underneath your arms on both sides of the shoulder brace. You are essentially creating two sleeves for your arms to go through. Start off initially with it on the looser side and adjust each side one at a time tightening it a little more each time until you have the fit that suits you and your own comfort and support needs. Adjust the degree of tension and support as often as is needed. 

4. You should be able to open one side, and slip the other side off when you need to remove it. To put it back on, simply slide your arms through both holes, or through one hole and adjust the tension of the opened arm hole back to the same as is the other. 

5. Over time you will learn what suits and fits your needs and it will become second nature. This brace will also help support and aid good shoulder posture. 

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