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Silicone Bowl Cover (3 Piece, multi size)

Silicone Bowl Cover (3 Piece, multi size)

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Cover your bowls with these reusable silicone bowl covers, and finally relegate the sandwich wrap to the back of the cupboards. Not only will the environment thank you for it, but your wallet likely will also as you save all that extra money over time that you would have previously brought for often single use events.

The silicone lid covers are so easy to use - simply chose the right size for the bowl you wish to cover and drop it onto the top rim of your bowl! That’s it! It will even self lock, so that you can pick it up by the lid handle itself and the contents won’t all just drop out. It will also help to keep any liquids inside the bowl and prevent any sloshing around and spilling in the fridge. 

The bowls lids are also perfect for reheating and microwaving your food as it creates a steam that will help to keep your food moist and from drying out, as well as work to keep your microwave clean of splutter. 

Available in 3 convenient small sizes, we do also have other silicone lids available for the larger bowls, etc 



Material: FDA Grade Food Safe Silicone 

Size: Please see below for diameter size details… 

Small: 10.5cm  / Medium: 13cm / Large: 15cm 

Weight:  80 grams 

Package includes: 1x Set of chosen bowl lid covers 

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