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Poop Emoji Rubbish Bag Dispenser

Poop Emoji Rubbish Bag Dispenser

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Life is for living, having fun, and laughing! And if you are in need of a small rubbish bag on the go for your pet, ostomy, or small child’s needs, what better way than to have a bit of fun and humour with a statement piece: ‘Poop Emoji’ bag dispenser on a carabiner clip! 

These bag dispensers can be used for your pets waste as your are out walking them, or can be used for those with an ostomy, or for in the car when you need easy access to a small waste bag that you can readily find and grab then be easily disposed of also.  

This dispenser will hold 1x roll of rubbish bags, which comes as part of this product sale. More bags can be purchased from our website or via many retail outlets.



Material: Plastic (Silica Gel)

Size: Approx 8cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 5cm (5) 

Weight: 51 grams 

Package includes: 1x Poop Dispenser with Carabiner  Clip and a 1x Roll of Rubbish Bags 

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