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Pin — 'You Are Safe With Me' banner

Pin — 'You Are Safe With Me' banner

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Buy, swap, trade, gift, and collect our range of pins!

Pins are for collecting, encouraging, reminding us of the truths and values, bringing joy and laughter, gives something to talk about with a friend, and they also make great gifts! Plus pin trading is always fun #win!

Let those you care about, and care for, they “You are safe with me”, with this fantastic ‘pin of a pin’ (puns!)

These pins have been sought out and sought after by those working in care industries - Nurses, Drs, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Teachers, Office Workers, Counsellors, and friends who want to share a message with their friend, that they can be a safe person for the one they are gifting this pin too.

People in medical fields and the care industry have used this pin as a way to open the door and to start a conversation to let those that they are caring for know they are a safe person to talk to if you need someone. Let people know that you are happy to have a conversation with them, even if it’s a hard one. Mental health is at a crisis now more than ever, and knowing there is someone to talk to, even a stranger, can make all of the difference. This pin is a subtle way to let people know that you are a safe person to talk to, and are open to that door if someone needs that, and from there maybe you can help get more support in place… We all need to know that someone cares, and sometimes it’s our nurses or care staff that we open up to. We have also had these gifted to friends as a way of letting them know that you care about them! 

Disclaimer: Wearing this pin in no way automatically makes you a safe person to be trusted. Trust is earnt, what it does do, is open the korero, to let others know that you are someone they can approach if they trust!

Image Description: A blue etched baby safety pin, with a banner floating through it in brown with the words “you are safe with me” inscribed on the banner and a love heart in red is at the end of the words. 


Material: Zinc Alloy 

Size: 3.5cm x 2cm

Weight: 5 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Pin 

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