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Pin — Mental Well-being Check In

Pin — Mental Well-being Check In

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Buy, swap, trade, gift, and collect our range of pins!

Pins are for collecting, encouraging, reminding us of the truths and values, bringing joy and laughter, gives something to talk about with a friend, and they also make great gifts! Plus pin trading is always fun #win!

Let’s be honest. We all have an internal battery level, and it’s not always a full one. Whether that is within your mood and how you feel, the energy level you have for the day, or if you’re facing chronic pain or health symptoms at any point in the day. This pin is a fantastic practical tool to share with others how you are feeling without needing to say a word. It can also be used as a tool to open conversations and build awareness for health + well-being in the community. 

You can use these pins as a way to describe other types of energy levels or capacities you’re navigating.

It’s worth noting, the pin slides freely back + forward by design. They’re comical and light humour, but also tell an important and communicate critical messages. You can easily seal your lightening bolt in place by a small piece of blue tac or tape on the back of the pin.



Material: Zinc Alloy

Size: 2cm x 5cm 

Weight:   10 grams 

Package includes: 1x Pin

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