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Pin — ‘We All Start Somewhere’

Pin — ‘We All Start Somewhere’

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 Buy, swap, trade, gift, and collect our range of pins!

Pins are for collecting, encouraging, reminding us of the truths and values, bringing joy and laughter, gives something to talk about with a friend, and they also make great gifts! Plus pin trading is always fun #win!

The "We All Start Somewhere" pin is a symbolic representation of growth, hope, strength and resilience. This pin features the depiction of tender shoots emerging from the soil, embodying the idea of new beginnings, hope and potential. Adorned with the empowering message "we all start somewhere," it serves as a constant reminder to embrace our starting points and recognise the possibilities ahead for our own growth, transformation and blossoming.

Wear this pin proudly as a symbol of resilience and hope, inspiring yourself and others to embrace the journey of personal and professional development.

Image Description: Depiction of a clay pot with the words in black “we all start somewhere”. On top shows a brand new plant emerging from the soil with its brand two new growth leaves.


Material: Zinc Alloy 

Size: 3cm x 2cm 

Weight:  8 grams 

Package includes: 1x Pin 

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