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PICC Line Cover (Beige)

PICC Line Cover (Beige)

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Protect your arms with our arm sleeves. These light weight sleeves will help wick sweat to help keep you cool and your skin dry. With the integrated cool wick technology, it not only protects your arms from the harmful impact of UV rays, but it will help you regulate your temperature. With its its ultra thin spandex and it’s integrated quick dry technology the sleeve is able to absorb and disperse sweat quickly, keeping your arms cool and always dry on even the hottest summer day, making them really nice and comfortable to wear. 


Ideal for those who have: 

— A PICC line, to protect your line and keep it discrete, secure, and tidy. Reduce chances of it being snagged, or pulled or caught on anything by accident 

— As a way of holding dressings securely to your skin, especially for those with adhesive allergy  

— As a means of covering your arms when it’s needed. An example may be for covering up tattoos on your upper or lower arms when it’s required 

— As a concealer to manage and cover up scars 

— For those who use a Continuous Blood Glucose Meter on their arm to help keep it discretely secure

— Used on your lower arms to protect them from the harsh effects of the UV Sun when out and about 

— To protect your lower arms from scratches and marks when pruning or working out in the garden



Material: Spandex 

Size: 18cm (L) x 9cm (W)  

Suitable for arm: 21-32 cm (circumference)

Weight: 8 grams 

Package includes: 1x PICC line cover





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