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Phone Mount Clamp

Phone Mount Clamp

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This phone holder will allow you to attach and clamp your phone to any pole up to 2cm in diameter. It can then be directed in any angle, direction and position, to best suit your needs — whether that is using it to film a video, watch a video, or using it to read off it as you play an instrument, or use it for speaking notes. 

Attach the phone holder to your bike, a scooter arm, or onto your child’s push pram. Attach it to your video stand to help capture your video from another angle.  You can attach it to a music stand for speaking or presenting, or to to any handlebar. You can even attach it an IV pole, so that you can watch videos or talk on the phone as you go about managing cares.


Material: ABS Plastic, Metal 

Holder Size: 8.5cm (W) x 3.7cm (L) x 2.5cm (D) 

Clamp Size: 5cm -9cm* (W) x 7cm (L) x 2.7cm (H) 

* 5cm -9cm with screw tightened versus extended 

Compatible Phone: between 6.5cm — 10.5cm (W) 

Compatible Pole: Up to 2cm in diameter 

Weight: TBA

Package includes: 1x Phone Mount Clamp + Clip 

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