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Pencil Grips - Foam (Egg)

Pencil Grips - Foam (Egg)

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Enhance your writing comfort with these colourful foam pencil grips. Designed to fit standard pencils and pens, these grips provide a cushioned, ergonomic hold that reduces hand fatigue and improves control. If you have trouble easily gripping or holding a pencil for short or long periods, or if your hands and fingers fatigue or get sore as you write, these pencil grips can help relieve that discomfort. They have been designed to provide a cushioned, ergonomic hold, they reduce hand fatigue and improve control, making writing easier and more comfortable. Perfect for students, artists, or anyone who writes frequently, these foam grips come in a vibrant assortment of colours: blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, and green. Add a touch of colour and comfort to your writing experience.

Image Description: A set of six foam pencil grips is shown, each in a different vibrant colours: blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, and green. The grips are cylindrical with rounded ends and a hole in the center to fit standard pencils and pens. Their soft, textured surface provides a comfortable and secure hold, making writing more enjoyable and less fatiguing.

These pencil grips work for both right and left hands. 


Material: Foam

Size: 5cm (L) x 2.5cm (diameter)

Weight:  less than 5 gram approx each 

Package includes: 1x pencil grip 


How to use

Place the pencil grip on to your chosen pen or pencil. Make sure you have the correct size, and slide the pen or pencil through the hole, carefully maneuvering it into place for where you want it for your comfort. 

HOT TIP! To help aid in putting the pencil grips onto your pen or pencil use a little water to wet the outside of your pen or pencil, or a very thin layer of cooking oil to help it slide into place a bit more easily for you.

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