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Pen Accessories — Magnet Holder

Pen Accessories — Magnet Holder

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Keep your pens and pencils always within reach with the versatile Magnetic Pen Holder Clip. This handy accessory features a strong magnet that allows you to attach your pen to any magnetic surface, such as a whiteboard, fridge, or metal cabinet. Additionally, it comes with metal discs that you can stick to non-magnetic items, transforming them into convenient pen holders. Perfect for the home, office, or classroom, this clip ensures that your writing tools are never lost and always accessible.


Image Description: A pencil and a pen is shown. The silicone magnetic accessory is shown on them. It has two loops of silicone between a magnet, you slide the pen into the two loops. This will now adhere your pen to any magnetic surface. However, it also comes with an adhesive metal disc so that you can attach it to other items that were not otherwise magnetised. 




Material: Silicone, metal

Size: 4.4cm (L) x 1cm (W) 

Weight: less than 10 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Pen Magnet + Metal Disc 

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