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Oxygen Headband

Oxygen Headband

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This headband has been designed specifically for those who wear oxygen via nasal prongs. Designed for comfort — these adjustable headbands have been designed to reduce the soreness and discomfort that can come with wearing long term nasal cannulas.

Each headband has a silicone liner that will help to secure the headband on your head, and will also help to reduce the headband sliding off from on your head. 

The headbands have been designed with two loops on the headband that you can loop the nasal prongs through to help keep it in place, without needing to be pulled in around and behind your ears. Each of the loops are adjustable and can be moved to fit where it best suits you for comfort. This will help to save you from the risks of skin breakdown, and reduce pain behind your ears or skin sensitivity that can develop…

Image Description: Black headband with silicone grip to help keep the headband in place. On either side of the headband is loops to thread the oxygen tubes through. The headband is completely adjustable size. 


MaterialNylon, Polyester, Polyurethane

Size: completely adjustable 

Weight: 30 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Oxygen Headband 

How to cleanMade of nylon and polyester, these headbands are easy to clean. Hand wash with soap and water, and hang or lay flat to dry. Please avoid using use any harsh chemicals when cleaning these.


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