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Ostomy Bag Supporter

Ostomy Bag Supporter

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This ostomy bag supporter will help hold and secure your ostomy bag in place and increase the load capacity of your ostomy with removing extra weight or drag that can happen as the bag fills, keeping it discreetly tucked close against your abdomen. These fantastic bag covers can cover your ostomy output from being seen as you change, bath or shower, and can help reduce chance of leaking as you swim in the water. Made with a waterproof nylon fabric, it’s hardy to wear, durable, and will also dry quickly once wet.

Every bag has an elastic and adjustable waist band can give you peace of mind, confidence, and support while wearing your ostomy, reducing leaks, wear on the bag, or friction and injury around your base plate. 

No need to remove it to empty — keep it securely in place and just unfold the velcro closure at the bottom to easily, quickly and discretely empty your bag, and then carry on with your day giving you confidence and peace of mind that you’re the one in control.   

Great for those who walk, run, play sport, go to the gym, and even those who are more quiet or relaxed. These can be used for those with any kind of ostomy from a colostomy, to ileostomy, urostomy, or a drain. These are especially beneficial for those with liquid output, high outout, or wear large size bags as well.   



Material: Nylon Waterproof Fabric  

Size: 30cm (L) x 18cm (W) + belt is 3.8cm (W) 

Weight: 45 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Ostomy Bag Cover 

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