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Magnetic Glasses Clip

Magnetic Glasses Clip

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Does your favourite outfit have no pockets? Do you ever get frustrated having nowhere to easily and securely keep your glasses, a pen, or your headphones and cord on you for quick easy access? 

Would being able to clip your headphones cord close to you to make them easy to find and reach when you take them out to listen to someone, or if they fall out?

Do you use a feeding tube and want to be able to easily secure it to your clothing without damaging it with a pin or having anything pierce your clothing or outfit? 

These magnetic clips provide plenty of opportunity to help make life in your world just a bit more easy and convenient for you. The possibilities are limitless!

To be used by those with disabilities, kids, adults, those working in an office, doctors, nurses and allied medical staff, being on the road and outdoors, if you are a labourer, builder, plumber or business owner - we have many people in different situations using and benefiting from these easy to use magnetic clips! 

Snap it anywhere you want, with this strong magnet. Use them to help clip your headphones cord to your body, use them to hold your pen, your reading or sun glasses, your feeding tube, your name badge, or any other number of items that can easily loop through! 



Material: Metal, plastic, magnetic. 

Size: 4.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.2cm  

Weight: 18 grams 

Package Includes: 1x magnetic clip (2 pieces total) 

How to use: 

1. Each magnetic clip comes with two pieces. The magnetic backplate (rectangle) and the front piece, which is the silver magnetic hook piece that will go and be seen on the front of what you want to connect it to (for example clothing, canvas backpack, etc… )

2. Place the backplate on the inside of your clothing, bag or item of your choice and hold it against where you want the clip to be on the front of your item. 

3. Using the front clip, bring the magnets together again, with the backplate on the inside and the front clip showing on the outside of where you wanted it (make sure it’s not too thick, or the magnetic hold won’t be as strong and you may risk losing it in time).

3. Line up and reposition the clip exactly where you wanted it to be. At this point you can carefully open one side of the magnet up to pop your headphone cord through, and let it snap back together again. This will keep your headphones in easy reach when you drop them. You can also easily hang your glasses or store a pen on the clip for easy and ready access by just dropping it through the gap, or connecting it. (Please see photos and video for more suggestions) 

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