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‘On the go’ Multi-Adaptable Hooks

‘On the go’ Multi-Adaptable Hooks

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These hooks make the perfect accessory for hanging bags without them being easily grabbed from a stroller, walker, scooter, wheelchair, other mobility device. They are also great for hanging items from the grab handles in a car or to keep items from being flung off the side of a stroller or wheelchair as well. 

These can also be used on the side of a cot, in a car from a handle or on-the-go out and about for those with medical needs needing to hang fluids, flushes or bolus tube feeds, and can make a replacement pole when you’re on the go but staying put in one place for a while, such as being asleep for a nap or overnight. 

They will hold up to 2kg per hook, and come in a wide range of colours. Pick your colours, or let us surprise you with one of our assorted range of hooks available.


Material: Nylon + ABS Plastic 

Size: The Hook itself is 5cm (L), overall when the velcro is folded in place it is 15cm (L) x 2.5cm (W) 

Weight: 8 grams

Package includes: 1x Multi-Adapt Hook 

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