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Medical Tubing Fixation Clamp

Medical Tubing Fixation Clamp

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There is nothing better than being able to securely hold that tube (or rounds of coiled tube) snuggly in place and then be able to clip it exactly where you want it, and where it works the best for you for your own comfort and helping make life easier and safer… 

Catheter Fixation Clamps can really make the world of difference for those who use a range of medical products to manage their medical conditions such as those with feeding tubes, urinary catheters, and also those who use other medical interventions that include tubing and keeping it in place easily, such as: IV giving sets, oxygen tubes, CPAP/BIPAP machines, and those who have extra long NG, NJ, or PEG tubes. WI’ll also benefit those who are on infusions — both in and out of hospital… Diabetes, and those on infusion for their medications or for nutrition, such as for TPN.

These catheter clamps can also be used for your every day general cords too such as phone charger cords, earbuds with cords. It can be used to hold your charger cord to your bed for each reach and quick access for when you need it, as well as any other situation where organisation and quick access is vital. 


— Keep extra tubing rolled up neatly and the excess clipped to the side of your pants, a top, of somewhere on the bag or backpack itself (if you are using one). 

— Reduce + limit tugs or pulls on the line insertion site 

—  Comfortable to wear and easy to put on + attach. 

— Available with a range of connection devices also. 


— Great to keep tubing out of the direct interest and reach of little hands curious for playing with tubing.

— Great to help create a tension point between the tubing and your insertion site, to help protect it to avoid injury or accidental tugging on the body itarot. 

— Great for coiling excess tubing and pinning it into place, knowing that it will hold it quite securely too. 

— Great for PEG, PEGJ and PEJ tube users, and those with urinary catheter to help reduce some of the direct weight off the stoma site itself, by securing the catheter with the rubber band and using the clamp to connect it to your T-shirt or pants to help hold some slack so that there is no unintentional damage at all. 



Material: ABS Plastic, Elastic Silicone Ring + rubber band 

Size: 4cm (L) x 2cm (Tip) x 2.5cm (Handle) 

Weight: 2 grams each 

Package includes: 1x Tube Stabilising Clip 

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