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K Tape — Roses

K Tape — Roses

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Finally a strapping tape that not only works, but looks fantastic to wear, and is still gentle but hard wearing!

This Sports Strapping Tape (Kinesiology Tape) is a really great option for anyone into sports, anyone who might be recovering from any injuries, or those with hypermobility of their joints. Also great for physio and occupational therapists. It has an acrylic medical glue that makes it stick more securely than other brands, and is a level 3 waterproof tape that not only holds up well, but looks great, and wears well! Get yours today!


Material: Cotton, Spandex 

Size: 5 meters (L) x 5cm (W) 

Elasticity: 1: 1.6 — 1: 1.8 

Weight:  95 grams 

Package includes: 1x Roll of K Tape 

How to use: Simply cut to size and shape, and follow the application details for any other K-Tape product. 

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