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Instant Zipper Fix Repair Kit

Instant Zipper Fix Repair Kit

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Make fixing broken zippers easy with these super repair kits. Designed for any of your zips needs, these zip repair kits can some individually fix your zips. These zips come in various sizes, so find your size and order the one that works for you or a mixed set.  

These zip repair kits are easy to install, are removable and can be reused as it’s necessary for other zips too. From your backpack, purse, travel luggage, toy, clothing item, or other household hoods. We have you sorted and your zipper fixed to get you all sorted out! No need to throw it away or organise expensive repair jobs anymore — a zipper repair kit has you all sorted! 



Material: Plastic, Metal 

Size: 4cm (L) x 1.3 (W) / 3.5cm (L) x 1cm (W) / 2.8cm (L) x 0.8cm (W)

Replaces Zipper Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 8, 8C, 10

Weight: 1 gram 

Package includes: Zips of chosen number 

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