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Hot Water Bottle Waist Belt

Hot Water Bottle Waist Belt

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Do you experience back or belly pain? Do you often reach for a hot water bottle, heat bag, or ice pack to help relieve pain, muscle spasms, cramps, or to just bring warmth and comfort…? Does it get annoying holding the heat or ice against your belly or back and wish you could just strap it against you so you could go about your day and not worry? Or not have to find something to press or lay against to seek the full relief you are craving for? You’re not alone! 

Finally, a way to stay warm and snuggle and bring relief to pain and muscle spasms, with these hot water bottle covers that have just the right tension between stretch and rigidity to hold in place but still be really comfortable to wear, use and then get about your day. In a range of colours, these have been a huge hit for our customers, so we are excited to be able to now stock more of them for everyone to use! 

While we primarily use them around our core, they can also be used for various body parts — including shoulders, upper back, thigh and upper leg, chest, neck and arms. You can use them with a hot water bottle, heat pack or heatie, and even iice packs too! 

Note: These are available in a selection of colours, please enquire for our whole colour option range. 


Materials: Polyester

Size: 110cm (L) x 21cm (W) 

Maximum fit: over aproximately 100cm diameter 

Weight: 50 grams 

Package includes: 1x hot bottle ywrap (no bottle)hyy

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