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Heating Massage Belt (USB)

Heating Massage Belt (USB)

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A heating, hot compress and vibrating massage belt all in one for relief from stomach and menstrual pain. 

This fantastic tool is a USB heated plug in massager and warmer for the relief of gut, bowel and period pains. It can help to naturally reduce some of the devastating impacts of chronic gut pain that can come along with diagnoses such as endometriosis, poly cystic ovary syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, and that or poor bowel and stomach motility such as in the diagnosis of gastroparesis, dysmotility, or that of intestinal failures. It can help those who have chronic back pain or injury as well as with pelvic insufficiency. It can also help with any residual chronic pain from having a c section. And it can help with kidney and flank pain as well. You can use two of these if you would like heating support on both sides. You may also use this for your shoulder blade, spine, neck, and at the base of the skull for heated support.  

The heat helps to promote blood flow and circulation. The infrared technology drives heat into the subcutaneous fat layers helping relieve period pains. 



1. We recommend using gentle hand washing only. Rinse with clean water after washing, and allow to naturally air dry (and do not rub or twist to dry). 

2. We promote and support skin integrity and health. Please take breaks from the heat to protect your skin. If you notice any skin abnormalities, remove and allow your skin to settle, or any redness disappear. If you skin is mottling red it suggests it’s too hot or that it been against the skin and is on for too long at a time. It is not recommended to use the highest heat setting for more than 8 minutes at a time. Consider a layer between the device and your skin to reduce heat too.

3. We recommend using this only while you are awake, we do not recommend sleeping with it on.  



Size: see the component sizes below… 

Device: 19cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 2.5cm (D) 

Battery Type1800mAh lithium battery (built in) 

Belt: Max fit 110cm (not stretched out) x 15cm (W) 

Weight: 166 grams (no box) / 254 grams (with box) 

Package includes: 1x Massage and Heating Pad with Elastic Waist Strap, 1x USB cord, 1x instructions book 


About / How to use this item: 

It is USB plug in, so connect it to a USB wall plug, or grab a power bank for an on-the-go experience. The device has 3 heat and 4 vibration settings. The device heats up in 3 seconds due to the way the device is built using a PI metal heating film. It also has inbuilt aucpoint massage points to specifically help to relieve menstural pain. It comes with a built in smart chip so that if anything were to malfunction, it would protect you and shut off for your own comfort and safety. It has a LED screen to clearly show you what heat and massage settings you are using at the time, and you can easily identify and press the corresponding button to change any of these settings at any point. 

To wear it, simply unbuckle the elastic and wrap it around your waist or torso where you would like the relief. Place the device exactly where you would like it, and click the elastic strap into place, tighten to fit and for your comfort. Turn on, and adjust to your needs.  


Cautions for use: 

1. We do not recommend using this item for pregnant and expectant mothers.

2. We do not recommend and strongly discourage use of this device if you have a severe cardiovascular heart disease, cervical tumours, or severe impairment in the sensory nerves of your skin to feel temperature or what is happening, and those with gout during the onset of the disease or who have not fully recovered from it yet. If you still decide to want use this we urge you to see your Dr or specialist and getting their weigh in on it for your own individual circumstances. 

3. Do not broadcast the USB interface of this product direct to the adapter. Do not get it wet, do not use any corrosive liquids in or around it, or connect it to any other power source than the leads it comes with.






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