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Anti Slip Glasses Ear Hooks

Anti Slip Glasses Ear Hooks

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Finally! A product on the market that helps to keep your glasses firmly in place and snugly on your face!

Do you find you are often having to push your glasses back on up on your face? Or that they fall forward? Did you have our glasses buttons but found that it pulled your glasses forward at all? These are the BEST for the nurse, Drs, medical professionals, kids & those participating in sport!

These anti-slip silicone ear hooks have been a winner — whether you are studying, or out playing fast sport, these anti-slip ear hooks have been a game changer for many of our customers, keeping the assurance that your glasses will stay in place! 

It will keep your glasses secure to your face, and no longer have them dropping forward. They are super comfortable, fit into any frames and if your frames scoop behind your ears, these will still work if you need the extra security they offer! 💪🏽

These ear hooks have made a winning combo for many of our customers who have paired with our glasses buttons for mask wearing as well, with the additional security to know it holds everything in place without any worries or concerns!

These have also proved valuable for:

— Drs and nurses in surgery / theatre when you need your glasses firmly in place (no more sticky tape!!)

— kids on the go 

— people who use hearing aids 

— people who don’t have a strong nose bridge 

— people looking down or doing a lot or studying 

— those who can’t have tight ear hooks on glasses 

— people on the water and on the snow field 

— people playing sport 

— those with disabilities and older persons 

— anyone that needs to put glasses on and go, without needing to worry about adjusting them at all! 

Image Description: Silicone ear hooks that go onto the arms of your glasses to keep them more securely in place. They are transparent silicone, in 3 sizes. Photos show the product on their own, positioned onto the arms of the glasses, and shown being worn. 


Material: Silicone  


SMALL: opening diameter 4mm x 2mm (most suited for frames with a width of : 2mm - 6mm)  

MEDIUM: opening diameter 5mm x 2mm (suited for frames width: 3mm — 8mm) 

LARGE: 15mm x 36mm — with an opening diameter of 6mm x 2mm (suited for frames width 4mm - 9mm) 

X LARGE: 3cm x 1cm  (suited for frame width: 4mm - 11mm) 

Weight: Less than 1 gram  

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