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Foot Lifting Strap

Foot Lifting Strap

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Empower mobility and independence with our Foot Lifting Strap, a crucial aid designed to assist individuals with disabilities who may have limited leg movement. 

This specialized strap offers invaluable support for those unable to move their legs independently. Crafted with durable materials and adjustable features, it provides a secure and comfortable fit while facilitating leg exercises and movements.

Ideal for physical therapy or daily exercises, this lifting strap aids in building strength and flexibility for individuals facing mobility challenges. Its user-friendly design ensures ease of use, making it a reliable companion for enhancing mobility and fostering a sense of empowerment in daily routines.


Material: Nylon Webbing 

Size: 104cm (L) 

Weight: 80 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Leg Lifting Strap 

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