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Foam Knee Pads

Foam Knee Pads

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Protect your knees with our protective foam pads that have been specifically designed for wearing on knees. These knee pads can help to protect your knee skin, joints and alignment - making sure you’re set up for using your body in a supportive way, especially when it comes to resting your weight, or weight bearing through knees to accomplish tasks in your day/week. 

Great for those with a love of gardening, being on the ground with the kids (or grandkids), on the river where you are fishing, or the countryside for a small bonfire with your friends. These have you covered! 



Material: EVA rubber, Elastic 

My Size: 17cm (W) x 18cm (L) 

Weight: 60 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Pair Protective Knee Pads 

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