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Glasses Strap — Floating

Glasses Strap — Floating

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Floating glasses strap! Never lose your glasses while on the water or in the river again! Attach these when you are heading out and not only will you keep them snug on your head, but if you do lose them by chance, then with these on — they will float! They are also brightly coloured to make them east to spot! No more having to decide on being able to see easily, or risking losing glasses in the water! You can have both!

Out in the water, or enjoying activities on land — if you need to know your glasses are secure on your head, not going anywhere, or the ability to hang them around your neck easily when they are not in use — these will help that, and they’ll be to spot or find too!

These are most popular with: fishermen, those into water sports, those on the field, kids with glasses, or anywhere the brightly coloured band helps to locate glasses your glasses as well. Plus, they're great for anyone who loves bright colours and just having fun!

Will float glasses up to 45 grams (most fit under this). 


Material: Nylon, Polyester. Silicone for the tips. 

Size: 34cm x 2cm x 1.1cm

Silicone Tips: 4cm (L) 

Weight: 12 grams 

Package includes: One glasses strap in the colour of your choosing. ** Glasses frames are not included. 

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