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‘Flip It’ Bottle Drain

‘Flip It’ Bottle Drain

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These are EPIC! And we can now offer them to you! 

Finally, a way to be able to access all of the product at the bottom of a bottle without having to precariously try and tip or keep it upside down. Now, you can attach the correct adapter cap to match the bottle you are ready to flip upside down, attach the flip it bottle cap to your bottle and then sit it back on the counter - upside down, with the purple feet of the cap used to help stabilise and keep your bottle upside down with ease — and even better, is that it has a pop top on it ready for you to be able to easily access the contents inside without a lot of mess or difficulty.

To use: Simply pull the pop top open (as you would on a water bottle). Squirt the amount needed directly into the palm of your hands. Close the pop top and set the bottle down again (upside down on the purple legs). Now it is ready for the next time you go to use it, and the product will be easily accessible to you.

Once all of the product is completely finished in the bottle, disconnect the cap and dispose of the bottle. You can then keep, wash, clean and dry the cap for the next bottle that is coming close to being empty. 

Alternatively, if you find it easier, you can use these on a full and brand new bottle too. Keep it also stored upside down, and the product will be in the pop top and easily accessible for you to dispense directly too.  

We have had feedback that some people have found these are more accessible than the original caps or dispenser lids that come with the products they use.



Material: ABS Plastic 

Size: actual flip it bottle cap: 4cm x 3.7cm 

Connection Diameter Size -  3.2cm, 2.3cm or 2.7cm 

Weight: 51 grams 

Package contains:  1x flip it bottle cap + 3 adapters 

How to use: Please see the info above, alternatively refer to our photo instructions or the video demonstrations.

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