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Finger Toothbrush — Adult, Kids, Pets

Finger Toothbrush — Adult, Kids, Pets

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Finger toothbrushes have an incredible array of uses, from:

Baby! Start early in getting baby comfortable and ready for teeth brushing. The gentle silicone finger toothbrushes can also be used to help aid massaging babies wee gums as they are teething too. The finger brushes are a great oral sensory experience for bubs. 

On the go! A back up toothbrush for when you’re on the go, and a quick way to freshen up after a meal. 

Pets! Keep your pets teeth clean with these brushes. Using them from a young age will get your pet used to it, and allow you to keep their teeth on tip top shape!

Silicone finger toothbrushes come in a neat little box, with 3 colours to chose from: pink, blue or clear. They are the first stage toothbrush before a young child is ready for our full mouth “U” toothbrushes. Great for babies and toddlers, and even your own beloved pet. 



Material: Silicone toothbrush with hard Plastic cover 

Size: 5.4cm (L) x 2.2cm (W) (2.2cm bristles area)

Container box size: is 7cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 3cm (H)  

Weight: 13 grams 

Package includes:  1x Finger toothbrush + Container 


How to use them: 

1. Finger Toothbrushes 

2. Cleaning, Sterilising and Storage

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