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Fidget — Mini Pop Tubes

Fidget — Mini Pop Tubes

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Delight in sensory experiences with our pop tubes!

Versatile and colorful, these pop tubes twist together to create vibrant chains and various shapes depending on how far you pop, twist and move them. Enjoy the dual sensory experience of vibration and sound, complimented by a range of bright and pastel colours for adding visual delight. These make a great and fun sensory fidget tube for kids and adults alike! 

Bonus: They are great for anyone that is looking to further strengthen their hand-eye coordination, and fine motor control with twisting the tubes together, pulling the tubes apart, pushing them back together, and bending them side to side and up and down to create the shapes, styles and designs that you want. 

These tubes inspire hours of creative and imaginative play as well as a dynamic multi-sensory experience!

Note: Each Pop Tube has a hole at one end that could be used to thread a keyring or chain through as well. 



Material: Plastic 

Size: 5.5cm (L) x 1.7cm (diameter) 

weight: 1.5 grams each 

Package Contains: 2x Pop Tubes per set

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