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Fidget Anatomy Book

Fidget Anatomy Book

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Embark on a hands-on exploration of the human body's inner workings with our Portable 3D Visceral Organ Anatomy Book! This unique guide focuses exclusively on visceral organs, providing an interactive journey into the intricate world of internal anatomy.

Featuring detailed 3D models of visceral organs, this portable book invites tactile exploration, allowing you to feel and understand the structures and placement of organs within the body. From the heart and lungs to the stomach and intestines, each section offers a tactile understanding of these vital components.

Designed for curious minds and learners of all ages, this book offers an immersive experience without the need for words or text. Perfect for home use, educational settings, or travel, our Portable 3D Visceral Organ Anatomy Book brings the fascinating world of internal anatomy to your fingertips in a unique and engaging way. 


Material: Cloth / Polyester 

Size: 44cm (L) x 28cm (W)  Folded: 22cm x 28cm 

Weight:  180 grams

Package includes: 1x Fidget Anatomy Book




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