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Durable Mask Nose Clip

Durable Mask Nose Clip

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These protective mask brackets make it easy, and comfortable for you while wearing a mask. Keep it exactly where you like it, and shaped for your nose. These clips have been designed specifically for your riding mask, and can be used on any face cover to help keep it comfortable in place across your nose.

Made of premium and sturdy materials, it will easily and readily bend to fit across the bridge of your nose for comfort, shape and style. Each bracket comes with two rivets to secure your bracket in place on your mask so that it always sits just how you want it to. No metal or rusting, they can be adjusted over and again.


Material: Plastic 

Size: 3cm (L) x 1.4cm (W) 

Weight: 4 grams

Package Contains: 1x Mask Nose Clip + 2x Rivets 

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