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Door Stop Opener (for hinge)

Door Stop Opener (for hinge)

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These door stops are a simple yet versatile solution that enhances safety and accessibility. Designed to fit into the hinge of a door, they are portable, light weight and easy to use.

Traditional door stops on the floor are not only a tripping hazard, they reduce the floor space you have to get through a door, and they can be easily removed by little inquisitive hands curious about why it is there. 

This is where our hinge door stoppers come in. They are great for in the home, but also as you travel on the go. Anyone with a disability knows the struggle of trying to get through a weighted door at a hotel while trying to navigate bags through the doors as well — this is where this comes in. No longer fighting the door, or trying not to drive over the floor door stop, you can easily and safely navigate your way through.

Additionally, they are great for those with small kids, if you pop the door hinge stopper into the top hinge of a door, kids won’t be able to remove it - and you’ll have peace of mind knowing their little fingers are safe too. 

Finally, there is nothing better than an open door on a warm summer day to get the breeze through. Use these and know that you’ll have your full floor space and no slamming doors because of the wind that day. 

Note: If you are using this in your home, there is a small convenient attachment that you ca. use to hang your door stop on the door while it’s not in use for easy use and convenience. Simply slide your door stop into it any time that it’s not sitting in the hinge. 

Comfort, safety, accessibility, and peace of mind. A straightforward and beneficial choice for any setting.

Benefits include: 

Enhanced Safety: Prevents doors from slamming, reducing the risk of accidents, particularly for young children, and those who are curious around doors. 

Accessibility: Ensures smoother transitions for wheelchair users and individuals with disabilities from one room to another — especially if there is a heavy weighted door. Slide the door stopper into the door hinge and no longer have to fight back against the door while you try and make your way through it. This is especially beneficial in hotels where you are trying to navigate getting luggage through the door too. 

: Keeps doors ajar on breezy days, allowing fresh air without the constant slamming. 

Peace of Mind: Provides added security and peace of mind for families and individuals. It’s also out of the way of kids from being able to remove the door stop. 

Versatile: Useful in homes, hotels, hospital, offices, and various settings to improve better door control. 

Simple Solution: A straightforward and effective way to enhance safety and accessibility anywhere you go. 


Material: PP + PPE Plastic 

Size: See individual pieces as below… 

Door Opener: 4cm(W) x 8cm (H) + 

Storage Hook: 2.5cm (W) x 4cm

Weight: 20 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Door Opener 

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