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Adaptive Tablet Table Holder

Adaptive Tablet Table Holder

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If your hands tire quickly, or you just wished that there was an easier way to hold your phone, tablet, kindle or another small device to meet your individual needs, —  with our adaptive portable on-the-go computer table you now finally can!

This multi-function tablet holder is a fantastic answer for using your cofour we more easily while in bed, and works in a variety of situations - the lounge, kitchen, work or school desk, on the couch, on the floor, and outdoors. It has been built and designed to make accessing technology easier, with a range of functions and adjustments to help suit your needs.

Use it laying on the couch between your legs, or balanced next to you, as well as on the bed, table, in the office, kitchen, or any other work space to suit. 

It can also be used to hold your recipe book open for you in the kitchen, or a favourite book on your lap too. 


Materials: Metal, Plastic 

Size: 00cm - 00cm (H) x 00cm (W) x 00cm (D) 

Angle Range: -00 through to 000 degrees 

Holds Device: up to 25.5cm (W) x up to 1.2cm (D) 

Weight: 400 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Adaptive Tablet Holder 





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