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Headband with Buttons

Headband with Buttons

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If you have seen our glasses buttons and wished that you could use something like that, but don’t wear glasses — then these are for you! Wear the headband, and use the buttons to slip your mask elastics over so that it connects to your head, instead of behind your ears, leaving your ears feeling a lot more comfortable!

Great for hearing aid wearers, those with sensory issues, and the need to wear a mask. Finally a way to do so without the mask behind your ears. And finally a comfortable solution! Great for nurses, and medical professionals, those in masks all day or just for style!


Material: Elastic, Cotton and Spandex 

Size: One size fits all. Should fit most head shapes. 

Weight: 3 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Headband with Buttons 

 To use:

1. Place the headband on your head, and adjust it so that the buttons are to each side of your head, up near or behind your ears. 

2. When it comes time to wearing your mask, you can slip the elastics over the buttons on your headband instead of in behind your ears to give your ears a rest & have a more comfortable mask wearing experience. 


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