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Button Badge — Magnetic Accessory

Button Badge — Magnetic Accessory

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Upgrade your button badges with our magnetic pin backers! Designed with your convenience and style in mind, these backers allow you to easily add your favorite badges to any item without risking damage to your uniform, clothes, bags, and more. Simply attach the magnetic backing to the back of your badge and let the powerful magnet securely hold it in place. No more worries about poking holes or causing damage – our magnetic backers provide a safe and reliable way to showcase your badges wherever you go. Whether you're dressing up your jacket, bag, or hat, these backers make it effortless to personalize your belongings with flair and confidence. Elevate your badge game with our magnetic pin backers today! 

Image Description: Metal magnetic pin accessory. Is circular with a thin tube welded to the back. You can thread the button badge pin through this tube, and close the pin once it’s on. On the other side of this, is magnetic and will magnetise to the second disc. Place your shirt, or other items between these two discs, now your pin is magnetic, so you protect your clothes. Photos as above show this process in some pictures.  


Material: Metal 

Size: 1.5cm (diameter) 

Weight: 10 grams approx 

Package contains: 1x Magnetic Button Badge Backer 

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