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Burger Holder

Burger Holder

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Do you struggle to pick up and hold your burger? Or have issues with the contents in your burger intact as you enjoy the first bite of your burger til the last one?

These reusable and expandable burger holders are a fantastic solution that can make eating your burger and keeping it intact as you do, all that much easier! No longer do you need to worry about the size of your burger, or how many ingredients you have packed into it, or how you will eat it without it first falling apart on you. Using the burger holder is not just a practical solution, it’s a less messy option, as it will hold and store any extra juices inside the base of the holder.  

The burger holder also makes it a fantastic compact option for eating at the table, on the couch, at your desk, and while your on the go, or travelling in the car.
It will comfortably hold your burger together making it easier and less messy to eat, but you can also use it to place your burger on a table, your lap, or in the car without it falling over or falling apart as you eat it too. 

Eco friendly - no need to use foil, baking paper, or paper towels around your burger with these anymore. They are completely reusable, + hard wearing too. They can be squeezed, twisted, and folded without causing deformity or tears and are designed to easily stack together for compact storage when not in use. They can be washed in hot soapy water, and are also dishwasher safe and resistant to high temperatures. Made from food grade silicone, non stick, BPA free. 

The burger holder is an great tool for those who:

— Have a disability that has caused reduced muscle strength or weakness, rigidity, tremors, or spasms. 

— Have a hemiparesis due to a stroke or any injuries 

— Those who have had nerve injury affect their arm/s 

— Those who have had a spinal, neck or head fusion 

— Have a disability that affects any overall movement 

— Those who need to support more controlled jaw movement and biting into foods with care or smaller mouthfuls that can be more difficult with larger items 

— Those who don’t like to get their hands messy with sauces when they are eating something like a burger 

— Those that don’t like to hold and pick their food 

— Those that rely on the support of someone else to be able to eat their food, the burger holder makes it easier for a caregiver to offer easier and smaller bites of food, without the same need to use a knife + fork. 

Note: Expandable from 3.8cm up to 8cm in depth.


Material: Plastic (BPA Free) 

Size: 10cm (W) x 5.6cm (H) x 3.8cm — 7.9cm (D)

Weight: 80 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Burger Holder 

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