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Breast Cool/Heat Relief Pads

Breast Cool/Heat Relief Pads

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Our breast care ice and heat packs help to bring you sweet relief when you need it the most. These gel packs from NEWGO have been specifically designed to contour to the shape of your breast to help provide you with the best possible level comfort and relief. With the cool pack and a soft fabric overlay, these are designed to bring the maximum targeted pain relief.  

With two sets of gel packs included with every order, you can bring sweet relief to both breasts at one time.

These can be used to alternate between both heat or cooling depending on whether they are placed in the refrigerator, freezer, or gently heated in a simmering pot of water, or placed very gently in the microwave. 

These can: 

- Provide effective targeted and supported relief for you while allowing you to feed baby at the same time.

- Provide pain relief while avoiding the more sensitive areas of the nipple and the direct surrounding area. 

- Allows compression of the area when used under a bra or other form of crop top. 

- Can help support and encourage milk let down. 

- Allows relief for other body areas (see note). 

Effective for: pain related to breast care that could include neuralgia, inflammatory pain, pregnancy, breast feeding, mastitis, breast reduction surgery, breast enhancement surgery, mastectomy, muscle strain or pain, or infection. May also be beneficial for a range of other ailments for other body parts as well. 

Note: These cooling relief packs may also be used on other parts of the body as seen fit. This could include around the side of the head and ear, around the foot, hand, elbow, knee, and so on… 

Reusable. Safe for the fridge, freezer and microwave.  


Material: Gel Ice Packs 

Size: 21cm (W) x 27.5cm (L) 

Weight: 520 grams 

Package includes: 2x Reusable Cooling Packs with washable covers designed specifically for them. 

To use: Freeze the gel pack for 2 hours for use as a cold compress, or microwave for 20 seconds at a time to help heat to ease any muscle spasms. Finally relief! 

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