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Syringe Tip Cleaner by Neomed (ENFit Compatible)

Syringe Tip Cleaner by Neomed (ENFit Compatible)

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Neomed have a fantastic feeding tube cleaning tool to help clean out the male end of your Enfit feeding tube, and extension sets to keep them clean, clear, and help to remove grime and debris more easily. 

The cleaning tool has been a huge win for many, making the role of keeping tubes cleaner, easier. It also significantly reduces the chance for bacteria to colonise the tube, keeping the patient a lot safer too. 

The great thing about these, is that they get right into all the nooks and crannies. The plug helps to block the feeding tube during the cleaning process as well. The open was designed to support other brands of feeding tube supplies and supports maintenance too. 

Now finally available to the open New Zealand market, we are proud to have partnered with Avanos be able to offer these to our customers and community here.  

To use
: Simply insert the cleaning tool to the male end of your feeding tube, and rotate 360° back and forward and the cleaning bristles inside the tool will helps to dislodge and remove any build up or debris. The opening also allows for the use of a cleaning agent such as distilled water, saline or as directed by your Doctor, or another medical health professional. 



Material: Medical Grade Plastic 

Size: 4.5cm (L) x 1.5cm (diameter) 

Weight: 3 grams each 

Package includes: 1x Feeding Tube Cleaning Tool 


Note: Information for this page has been collected directly from the Avanos Website. For more information on this product, including a list of resources and references, please see:  AVANOS.COM

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