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Adjustible Phone Holder Clamp

Adjustible Phone Holder Clamp

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This clamp can be attached to a table, desk, bed post, wheelchair, seat, or other mobility device to allow you to have access to use your phone or tablet wherever you are, and wherever you go in a way that works best for you. It has been designed with an anti-slip silicone base so that the holder will grip but not cause any damage to your furniture you attach it to. Made of Military Aluminum Alloy, is hard to fracture it.

With its many adjustment points, you will be able to adjust the device into nearly any position or height that you need to be able to keep your phone in easy access, while still allowing you to enjoy comfort in the best positions that works for you, and not your phone.

This stand features a flexible telescopic arm that rotates 360 degrees. It allows you to rest your hands, reduce neck fatigue, and position your phone at the desired distance, direction and angle best for you.

The phone has many adjustment points: 

1. The Table Clamp. Attach the phone to any table, desk, bedside or wheelchair that works for you, up to a maximum of 11cm in height/width. Turn the clamp on the arm to adjust this to suit your position or need. 
2. The Hinges. There are two hinges on the arm that allow you to adjust to your chosen angle and degree. 
3. Phone Hinge. At the phone end, you can adjust the angle and direction of the phone from the hinge itself 
4. Phone Clamp. The phone clamp will hold and grip  your phone for you. The clamp will hold a phone, tablet or a device up to a maximum of 11cm wide. 


This clamp is a fantastic option for those who: 

— use a wheelchair, and have limited mobility and hand function, or muscles spasms and muscle fatigue 

— those who want to watch their phones in bed and be able to do so hands free and with a wide range of  adjustable angle and height options and positions. 

— those who want dual screen options, using your computer or tablet for one thing, while still being able to use and keep your phone in view at the same time 

— a great option for those who use text-to-speech 

— for those who use AAC to communicate (non vocal)

— for many many other needs and uses that you have




Material: Plastic 

Size: 124cm (full extended length) x 1.5cm (diameter) 

Phone Clamp: 11cm (L) x opens up to 11cm (W) 

Table Clamp: 17cm x 14cm x extends up to 11cm (H) 

Table Clamp Tube: 3cm (diameter) 

Length to 1st hinge: 40cm (L), fixed, doesn’t bend

Length to 2nd hinge: 31cm (L) fixed, doesn’t bend 

Length to 3rd hinge: 42cm (L), this one is bendable 

Weight: 463 grams 

Package includes: 1x phone holder clamp 





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