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Precision Knife Art Pen

Precision Knife Art Pen

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Looks just like a pen, but there is no ink in this beauty!  Instead, when you click the pen down a very fine and sharp knife blade will emerge which will allow you to get creative and explore the finer details within your crafting. This ‘pen’ will allow you to be more precise than ever! You will be able to access a level of detail in your crafts that your every day craft knife, or even the finest pair of scissors would struggle to achieve.

With it’s incredibly fine blade and tip, you will be able to access removing your paper from an art board or adhesive layer without also damaging your artwork. 

Once you have finished working with it, just click the ballpoint to safely tuck the blade back inside the pen. No one would have any idea that it wasn’t a regular pen — that is, until they go to use it as a regular pen! 

Note: Refill knife blades are also available with us.  And other coloured pens are available, just enquire. 


Material: Plastic + Metal 

Size: 14cm (L) 

Blade Angle: 60 Degrees 

Weight:  4 grams 

Package includes: 1x Pen Knife (push pen) 

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