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Sensory Chew Straw

Sensory Chew Straw

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Our Hollow Teething Straws are a great solution for the little ones in your life. Our teething tubes have been designed to be light weight, and easy to hold, as well as fun to both look at and play with with the bright colours and prints, and tactile patterns on the tube for sensory stimulation for the hands and mouth. 

The different tactile patterns on the straws make it interesting to play with, to stimulate oral sensory feedback, and can help hold tastes of first foods on the tube when it’s dipped into different flavours too.

It can also be great for those with sensory needs, developmental delays, learning disabilities, or autism. It can be used to help those with speech impairments or oral delays, as well as kids who are tube fed but able to have tastes of flavours on the outer the straw to help to strengthen oral muscles. These straws can help reduce stress, and relieve and express anxiety in a healthy way, that can promote a more settled state. 

These make a fantastic gifts for babies, toddlers and the young people in your lives. A great baby shower gift, they are a fantastic solution for teething, sensory needs and stimulation, and a fidget device. It’s also a fantastic alternative for the young people in your life who chew on their hands, clothes, the end of a pencil, and a range of other items that are put in the mouth.

Easy to clean in mild hot soapy water, with a steriliser tablet, or can also just be put through the dishwasher.

Our teething straws are made with the highest quality food grade silicone, that is BPA and PVC free. They are available in a selection of fun colours + patterns! 


Material: Food Grade Silicone (BPA + PVC free) 

Size: 17.3cm (L) x 1cm (diameter)

Weight: 30 grams approx 

Package includes:  1x Necklace 

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