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PEG Tube Soft Stabilising Belt

PEG Tube Soft Stabilising Belt

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Stabilise your PEG tube with one of our soon to be coming PEG stabilisation belts. Reduce granulation, reduce the risk for it being pulled or tugged. Secure it to your body for safety and peace of mind when you are playing individual or team sports, engaging in your favourite activities, or are out living your best life with the knowledge your tube is secured against your body (and without any pesky adhesives on your skin).

Using the belt also helps to reduce bulk and visibility of your tube when it’s under tighter or fitted clothing. 

These belts have been designed as dual purpose:

1. To secure your tube safely against your body when it’s not being used, reducing risks for pulls or tugs 

2. To secure the tube safely against your body, and keep it kink free for during bolus and pump feedings.

Note: This product is currently in its testing phase. We are excited to be able to shortly offer this product to our wider feeding tube community! Please register your interest to be one of the first in the know for updates and release dates. We are looking for more user feedback also, so if you would be interested in working with us for this item, please send us an email! 


Material: TBA

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Package includes: TBA 

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