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Anti-Fog Air Vents — Mask Accessory

Anti-Fog Air Vents — Mask Accessory

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‘Exhaled air follows the path of least resistance. Most of the time, this path is out of the top of the mask, straight toward your eyes and eyeglasses. The result? Fog, fog and more fog!’

Anti-fog vents to prevent air from blowing up into your eyes, drying them out and fogging up your glasses while you wear your mask. These vents will help create a tighter seal around your nose and eyes to make mask wearing safer, while they direct the air towards the sides of your mask. These are still contained in your mask, so still keeps a safe and tough seal around your mask - but reduce the air escaping up into your eyes, and glasses from fogging. 

These anti-fog vents come with a reusable double sided sticky tape attached that will help keep them in place in your mask for easily taking them on and off, as seen in the attached photos. You can also wear them without having them stuck into your mask by just popping them into your mask where you want it to sit on your nose before you adjust your mask into place.  


Material: natural rubber that contours to any face 

Size: 12.5cm (L) x 1.5cm (W) 

Weight: 4 grams 

Package includes: 1x anti fog adapter 

How to use: Pick your preference. You can use these by just placing them

under your mask and then popping your mask on and letting the mask hold it against your skin, otherwise we do send them out with a double sided adhesive gel tape attached to them. To use this, just peel the top layer and apply it directly into your mask where it suits you. You can place the piece against your nose and your mask over it where it’s most comfortable. Adjust to get the right fit and position, and then press down to secure the gel to the mask and you’re sorted. 

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