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Toilet Training Stickers

Toilet Training Stickers

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These stickers are a fantastic solution to help kids learn how to use the potty in a fun and effective way. These stickers are placed in the toilet bowl, or a potty for kids training, and when they are in the bowl, they will appear completely black. But hit the target just right and the warmth of the pee will uncover and reveal a secret picture hiding underneath the sticker. Once the toilet is flushed, the sticker will turn black again, ready for the next time that they need to pee. 

These stickers are a great solution for helping kids (and especially little boys) learn to aim in the toilet bowl, and encourages kids to use the potty and the adult toilet with less fear, uncertainty or trepidation. 

Potty stickers magically come to life on contact with urine. Revealing the sticker. These can be left in the toilet bowl once placed and reusable many times over. 


Material: PVC  thermochromic paper and adhesive

Size: 7cm diameter 

Weight: less than 1 gram 

Package includes: 1x Toilet Bowl Sticker 


To use: Wipe and clean the inside of your toilet bowl or potty with a gentle cleanser and let air dry. Remove the backing paper from the adhesive and stick it to the potty or toilet bowl where you would like it placed. The sticker will appear black but it changes colour to reveal the picture underneath with contact of urine. The picture disappears again when toilet is flushed.

NOTE: for boys, you can place the sticker towards the back of the toilet bowl for them to stand and aim it at the sticker. For girls, it can e placed on the closer side of the toilet so that they can aim for the sticker also. 


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